Barcode costs

Fee information for new members

Licence fees (annually renewable)

GS1 licence fees apply to the current calendar year and are valid until December 31st regardless of the subscription date. For new licences purchased on or after the 1st October each year, licence fees are billed for the remainder of the current year plus the annual fee for the following year i.e. a new licence purchased in October will be billed at the equivalent 15 month rate. Licence Fees are renewable annually and are invoiced in January of each year. Fees are due within 30 days of date of invoice. Please note that GS1 Licence fees are billed on a current calendar year basis, regardless of the original Membership Date. Details of the fees are outlined in the sections below.

Debit order policy

GS1 South Africa’s Licence Fees are payable annually and can be collected by Debit Order. A decision was taken by the Board of GS1 ┬áto implement a mandatory direct debit policy for all membership accounts. A direct debit mandate can be downloaded here: SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.