GS1 Consultancy Services

Whether GS1 Standards, GDSN activities and data quality, EDI implementation or AIDC in Healthcare – GS1 SA introduces concepts and reinforces business process ideas that will resonate with users. Consulting with GS1 will create opportunities to increase your knowledge and expertise and assist you in solving you specific problems.

Customized Solutions with business or industry-specific knowledge and expertise

Whether you are in fresh foods , consumer packaged goods, general merchandise, grocery, foodservice, healthcare, or retail – GS1 offers a unique mix of technical and business expertise to address specific challenges your organization may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations.

Types of business issues to consult GS1 South Africa with?

GS1 Standards help to improve a variety of business processes, from automatic identification to inventory management to data exchange, order optimization, data synchronization to omni-channel fulfilment and beyond.

  • Supply chain partner requires barcodes on products, shippers and logistic units?
  • Need to achieve barcode quality in your production process?
  • Need to improve your data quality?
  • Interested in customized training package for your business?
  • Require support on implementation or deployment of GS1 Standards into your business?

How does it work?

Complete a request for consultation and tell us the challenges facing your business.
We will assemble the right team and a prescribed approach to address your challenge.

Depending on your Company’s requirements, GS1 South Africa will derive a quotation which covers the items on request and their individual values to make up the full fee requirement. After acceptance of the quote supplied to you, your company will be able to secure dates with GS1 South Africa for the said Consulting Service.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, GS1 South Africa will provide the service, which could include:

  • Developing a targeted plan of action to address your specific organizational challenges
  • Providing a customized training plan for your team—based on your needs and at a location convenient for you


Request the business expertise to help you address the specific challenges you may face in integrating GS1 Standards into your operations, by clicking the link below:

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You could also phone us at 0861-242-000 or ( 011) 777- 3300 with your request.