GS1 Activate

GS1 Activate is a web service application that GS1 South Africa is excited to have launched that will make it easier to put a barcode on your products. Whether you’re selling in retail or in other sectors, you will be able to generate a barcode symbol and share product data globally, helping you trade better,

Call 011 777 3300 for more information or email your request to

Getting started

  • As a new GS1 South Africa member, you will receive your login details, once you have set up your password, click on the member login tab on
  • Familiarise yourself with the Dashboard. From here you can add, view, and edit products (My Products).
  • Add your first product. Start with a consumer/base unit. Enter product information such as name, description, weight, size, flavour, colour, a photograph, et cetera. This information helps you identify and manage your product inventory and associated barcodes.
  • Continue adding new products and additional packaging options (such as multiple-unit cases) until you complete your current product offerings.
  • Generate and download barcode images in a variety of formats.


User Guide

For full guidance on how to use Activate, download the Activate User Guide

Add your first product