Join GS1 South Africa now!

The GS1 System will definitely help to improve your business

Since the 7th of May 1982 GS1 South Africa has been supporting licensed members to:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Increase productivity through the use of standards and technologies
  • Deliver return on investments in the supply chain
  • Measure, monitor and manage increased sales through Point of Sale scanned data
  • Improve traceability and product recall processes

Steps to the Barcode Application process:

  1. Complete our application form
  2. Have an idea of how many numbers you will need i.e. how many product types, variations there are in your range?
  3. Send us your application along with the proof of payment for your selection.
  4. Receive your membership pack from us.
  5. Attend a complimentary barcode workshop to learn the best way to manage your barcodes!

You could also register online, upon which we will contact you and assist you to complete the above process.

Online registration

When registering online, have these details on hand:

  1. Company Registration Number
  2. Your South African Identity Number
  3. VAT Number
  4. All the contact details for your Finance department and your GS1 contact person
  5. If you are already a member, and want a secondary range, have your existing GS1 Prefix on hand
  6. Credit Card details to pay your fees

Not interested in doing an Online Registration. No problem – we cater for a manual process as well. Go to our Manual Application Forms and download the form/s you need.