Our Services

GS1 provides a range of services that will enable a more efficient supply chain.

Identify products, documents, physical locations and more and make sure the barcode scans!

Providing Identification Keys

GS1 South Africa is the only legal provider of Identification Keys like Barcode Numbers (GTINs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs).

Barcode symbol verification

GS1 can make sure your bar code scans first time, every time – ensuring effective Point of Sale processing for all products sold to consumers

A check digit calculator

can assist in ensuring that the last digit of a bar code number (the check digit) is correctly composed.

Assist you in making the GS1 Standards work for you!

GS1 Standards implementation support

GS1 South Africa provides training and assistance to various companies and individuals in the practical implementation of the GS1 System. This will enable you to experience the power of the GS1 standards when properly used.

Assistance may include e.g. where to put the barcode on an item, how to use a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), how to start using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), what does it mean to trace food items from farm to fork, how to keep track of logistic units delivered to a customer, how to make sure that the patient will get the right medicine and much more.

Workshops and training

You could attend regular training sessions on barcoding and Data Synchronisation GDSN or we could visit you! We could also do a workshop in accordance with your specific need.

Ensure seamless product data flow between your trading partners!

Global Product Data Synchronisation

Is provided between business partners, enabling them to synchronise product data stored in the local Trusted Source system as the single source of trusted data. Data as required by the local R.429 labelling regulation and the EU Regulation 1169/2011 can also be captured in Trusted Source.

Data controllers

Are companies or individuals experienced with data loading and publishing, as well as data management on the GS1 Trusted Source system. They are verified by GS1 and can assist you to get product data to retailers, via Trusted Source, in a fast and efficient way.

The Item Measurement Service

Provides for the physical verification of product data (measurements, weights, and basic label) versus what was entered in the Trusted Source system. This provides retailers with a “trusted” status flag against the verified data and they will normally use it without further verification. This service can be combined with the barcode symbol verification.

Who owns that barcode, GLN, SSCC!


The GS1 Global Electronic Party Information Registry, to find out who is the legal owner of a barcode, a Global Location Number (GLN), a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), etc.