Verified by GS1

Looking for accurate product data that can be trusted?

Why Verified by GS1?

“We live in a world where data drives business. E-commerce websites offer millions of products to consumers – and billions of barcodes re scanned in physical stores every day.

Despite the wealth of available data, it is still not possible for a retailer or marketplace to confidently verify the products they sell using source of trusted product information. Everybody loses when product data is incorrect or missing – especially consumers.”

What is Verified by GS1?

” Verified by GS1 helps brand owners, retailers and marketplaces build rich consumer experiences that deliver trusted, brand-sourced product data, which drives confidence, satisfaction, loyalty – and ultimately, increased efficiency and growth for their businesses.”


  • Greater efficiency and trust between retailers and brand owners because core product data in retailer catalogues is correct.
  • Ultimately leading to a better shopping experience that that drives increased sales, less returns, less counterfeit products.

Verified Attributes

Brand owners are responsible for sharing data on the attributes of their products. Retailers, e-commerces and marketplaces, in turn, can access this data at any time using Verified by GS1.

Voices from industry

Verified by GS1 is very important to Google as it establishes the identify of a product and will allow companies all around the world to verify that the products they get from other parties are the products they are looking for. It will also give consumers confidence when buying online—more so than today.

Bhanu Narasimhan

Director, Product Management, Google Shopping and
member of the GS1 Management Board