Case study

Trading partners use GS1 Standards in every transactionalstep – from manufacturing plant to patient bedside – contributing to patientsafety and supply chain optimisation with fully automated order processes and transactions. BD and ROi launched their
collaborative effort in early 2011 to implement GS1 Standards and achieve ‘Perfect Order.’

White paper

A new and independent report by McKinsey & Company has estimated the benefits – in lives and value – of implementing one single global standard in Healthcare

White paper

New research by McKinsey & Company, conducted with the participation of more than 80 healthcare industry leaders around the world, has estimated the potential value – in lives and dollars – of adopting a single global standard in healthcare.

The GS1 DataBar family consists of seven types of barcodes. Four of the barcodes are applied in scanning at retail point-of-sale (POS), two of which are able to carry additional information such as a serial number, lot number of expiry date. GS1 DataBar is also applied in general distribution and logistics environments.