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Customer Care – For any assistance please contact our customer care centre. Call us now on 0861-242-000 or ( 011) 777- 3300.

Office Location – Find out exactly where we are, should you want to visit our offices.

Help – Get answers to many of the questions you have.

Glossary – Understand all those abbreviations and terminology!

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Check digit calculator – Make sure that your barcode has a valid check digit right at the end. Use it for any type of barcode.

GEPIR – Use the GS1 Global Electronic Party Information Registry(GEPIR), to find out who is the legal owner of a barcode, a Global Location Number (GLN), a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), etc. – Prod – Prod – Link directly to the DATAnet Production portal. – Pre-Prod – Link directly to the DATAnet Pre-Production portal.

GS1 Decision Support tool – Use this link to confirm if you need to change your barcode on a product that has undergone changes.

What about fees and documents that need to be completed?

Licences & Fees – Find out about all licence and registration fees.

Application forms – See all the application forms for all our services.

Terms & Conditions – All the terms and conditions that will apply for barcode licenses as well as for the usage licence of

More specific information and guidelines regarding GS1 standards and implementation

Standards and Guidelines – Find out about identify, capture, share & use. See the basic rule sets.

Publications – Find case studies, white papers and research material.

Technical documents – Find detailed information about certain elements of the GS1 standards.