Companies in technical industries face many similar challenges such as cost pressures, counterfeiting, and the race to digitise their physical worlds. Optimising the supply chain and life cycle management are key processes to resolve these.

Find out how GS1 standards are enabling increased traceability and timely identification of counterfeit items, as well as automated order-to-cash processes, serialised identification, increased operational productivity, and interoperability within Technical Industries, while focusing on the following activities and business processes:

  • Digital Factory (Industry 4.0), Innovative Technologies, Spare Parts Management & Automation
  • Direct Parts Marking
  • Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) & Serialisation
  • Unique identification and IoT (Internet of Things)

Our global standards are providing a foundation that simplifies and connects intralogistics processes across technical industries, leading to greater efficiencies, lower costs, and more.