Why Register with GS1 South Africa?

Simply put, it is to expand your organisations potential to trade; anywhere in the world, and in any industry sector using the GS1 System of standards!

The GS1 System

Is the most widely implemented and endorsed supply chain standard system in the world?

GS1 South Africa

Is the only registered and authorised body to administer the GS1 System in Southern Africa

With over 150 countries around the world using the GS1 System your organisation is easily and effectively connected to your trade partners.

Subscribing to GS1 South Africa means that you will be licensing a Global Company Prefix (GCP) that is unique to your company, or legal entity.

Your organisation can also apply for a single or range of Global Trade Item Number/s (GTINs), previously known as the barcode number, that are secure, unique and can be used for trade internationally. Your 100% guarantee of uniqueness.

GS1 South Africa is the only authorized body, approved to supply GS1 barcodes in South Africa!

So what do I get when I join GS1 South Africa?

A Global Company Prefix, unique to your company with the GS1 South Africa prefix of 600 or 601

Certificate of membership that elevates your status as a licensed GS1 member

The Global Location Number (GLN) that uniquely identifies your company (the legal entity) for communicating with your trading partners through the new electronic data interchange standards. The GLN is the key for electronic orders, invoices, delivery notes and remittance advice trade requirements

Unique identification numbers that you can either be encoded into one of the many barcode symbols that form part of the GS1 System, or encoded into the Electronic Product Code (EPC) for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

Free Barcode Training Workshop for all licensed subscribers of number ranges between 100 and 100 000. Knowledge is power so before you start this journey attend a workshop.

Adoption and implementation guidance from start to finish. We even provide you with a Check Digit Calculator that will work out all your GTINs with their secure check digits AND all the different packaging configuration numbers that you need in the trade. This is an editable spread sheet and you can use it internally to keep a record of all the GTINs you allocate to your products.

Access to global information regarding supply chain trends, successes in industries, updates on the latest ratified standards adopted, opportunity to bring a South African case study to the global community and much more…

Participation in local workgroups and initiatives where the sharing of non-competitive information can be discussed, shared and resolved with likeminded business peers and supply chain partners.